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Welcome to Lessons of Our Land, an innovative curriculum that enables Pre-K through grade 12 teachers to easily incorporate Native American stories, lessons and games into regular classroom instruction. "It's perfect because I get to teach my kids about Native American history throughout the school year!" - Evon, 6th grade teacher in Washington

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Exploring the fundamental relationship between land and people.

From Indian Country to the classroom

Lessons of Our Land is an inter-disciplinary curriculum that aligns with state academic standards, and is adaptable to include the history and culture of a region's Native nations. If offers more than 200 searchable lessons that are ready to use in the classroom. This free curriculum was developed by the Indian Land Tenure Foundation, a national, community-based nonprofit organization focused on American Indian land recovery and management.

Sample Lesson: Create a Neighborhood Map

This lesson will begin to foster a sense of place and enhance the students’ feelings for their homes and lands. Students will draw pictures of where they live, and be introduced to the concept that their house is in a neighborhood or located in a certain area.

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Sample Lesson: Wild Rice

Wild rice is one of the most important foods to the Ojibwe and other American Indian tribes, and it played an important role in the migration of the Ojibwe people. In this lesson, students create posters or presentations to describe the processes involved in wild ricing.

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Play the Indian land video game!

Released in 2019, "When Rivers Were Trails" is an educational game available in multiple formats. Set in 1890, the game takes players on a journey across the west as Anishinaabeg displaced from their lands in Minnesota. Students will meet American Indians from the Midwest to California who are experiencing the life-changing impact of land allotment. Click the button below to download the game or see a preview.

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Professional Development

The Lessons of Our Land professional development program provides teachers with a variety of learning opportunities to enhance their practice by incorporating and utilizing a culturally-responsive curriculum. Educators will gain a deeper understanding of the curriculum and develop the necessary skills to help students get the most out of their learning experience.

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