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Lessons of Our Land teaches the Native American story of this land from historical to modern times. The nonprofit Indian Land Tenure Foundation (ILTF) developed the curriculum to provide both Native and non-Native students with broader insight and understanding of land, cultures, inherent rights and tribal sovereignty. The larger goal is to have children and adults identify with the land they live on and be better prepared to solve the difficult issues that impact communities on or near reservations today. Although Lessons of Our Land positions Native American tribal issues and values at the forefront, the curriculum emphasizes the fundamental relationship between land and people in general, not just Native Americans.

"The curriculum tells a forgotten part of the American story – American Indian history." - Marta, 4th grade teacher in Montana

Lessons of Our Land was designed to meet various state and national academic standards, and has been successfully implemented in schools across the country of varying size and demographics, both public and private. We have learned a lot as a result and one thing that educators have been asking for is to be able to search the lessons by standard number. Now you can! All of the lessons can be used in any state, and some of the states where they have been implemented are illustrated below. There are also some lessons designed specifically for use in California, South Dakota, Montana and Minnesota (these are marked with the state name) but they can be used anywhere. Teachers should feel free to adapt the lessons at any time to better fit their specific state and classroom.

“Thank you for attaching academic standards to the lessons. You just made my job that much easier!” – Sara, 5th grade teacher in California

“The curriculum is really helpful because the lessons are easily taught by someone who doesn’t know American Indian history very well.” – Akisa, 2nd grade teacher in Minnesota






South Dakota



What educators are saying

"My students love the hands-on activities some of your lessons have because it makes learning more fun about a sometimes sad topic." - Blackhair, 5th grade tribal school teacher in South Dakota

"Lessons of Our Land is easy to use because there are so many resources for the lessons!" - Fran, 3rd grade private school teacher in Minnesota

"I teach math to my 8th grade class and I use a few of your lessons to teach fractions. The students love it and they seem to be doing better on their quizzes!" - Zane, 7th grade math teacher in Michigan

"ILTF's professional development really helped me to understand how to talk about American Indian history to my mixed-race classroom." - Jeannine, 7th grade history teacher in California

"I use your conservation lessons when I teach my students about science and social studies. I have been using them for three years and haven't looked back!" - Gracie, 3rd grade teacher in Maine

"The curriculum is valuable to students of all heritages, but it is particularly valuable to help American Indian students connect to the land and be aware of its importance to their past, present and future." - Cheryl, K-7 teacher in California

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Mother Earth


Students learn about their connection to the land through storytelling and other activities.

Arts, English Language Arts

Create a Neighborhood Map

K - 2nd Grade

This lesson will begin to foster a sense of place and enhance the students’ feelings for their homes and lands....

History/Social Studies

Tribal Resource Departments

3rd-5th Grade

Students discuss stewardship and scarcity, summarizing what they have learned in a letter to a tribal resource department.

History/Social Studies

Wild Rice

Students will create posters or presentations to describe the processes of wild ricing.


Distinct Worldview

9-12th Grade

Students explore the complexities behind the clash that often occurs between Native oral and cultural history and formal archeological and...

History/Social Studies